We have been involved in structural design, inspection and repair of houses and apartments since 1965. We are uniquely qualified to perform structural analyses of wood frame structures and slab foundations; to inspect and offer assurance of structural integrity and/or repair recommendations and details.

I am registered as a professional engineer in Texas, and have been involved in the particular structural problems related to single and multi-family housing in the Central Texas area since 1979.

Structural reports can be furnished in any of the following areas:

  • Structural design of houses and apartments including superstructure, foundation and drainage

  • Structural inspections of houses and apartments including drainage, foundation, superstructure, as well as decks, pools and other structures
  • Inspections of mobile homes in order to certify compliance with HUD guidelines
  • Identification of problems
  • Recommended Solutions
  • Estimated Costs
  • Inspection and Certification for structural repairs

Our reports are concise, easy to read and can be provided to you in your specific format when necessary. We keep your information confidential by faxing and/or mailing it only to the persons you request.

Jeff Tucker, Engineer Jeff Tucker, P.E.

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